Starbucks Who?!

I have a new love...and his name is Peet's. Peet is bold and savory with none of the bitter aftertaste I've encountered so often before. Everything has paled in comparison since tasting Peet's and, when forced to consume other substances out of necessity, all I can do is count the minutes until I'll be able to enjoy Peet's smooth, splendid product once again. If, like myself, you fancy yourself a bit of a 'Caffeine Connoisseur'; I strongly urge you to sample some Peet's. You'll find their cafes located primarily within grocery stores such as Albertsons, VONS, and Ralphs and you can also pick up a bag at any of the aforementioned markets.

Posted on 2/21/2008 9:20:00 AM by Admin

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Permanent Resident

You have stumbled upon the new, permanent home of MY BLOG. Unfortunately recent events prompted a series of frequent, erratic blog-relocations (and by recent events I mean my company's Nazi-like, corporate-monster restrictions of any and all blog access). But I am happy to report that I have easily squelched "The Man's" futile attempt to inhibit my literary liberation.

Furthermore, I'd like to extend an invitation to all my fellow bloggers who are suffering at the hands of these corporate blog-speech-censors. I will host your blog, free-of-charge, on my personal URL account so your blog will be accessible to you anytime, anywhere. Why, you ask? Because I loathe electronic babysitters. Employers: If you're too giant to adequately screen and supervise your own employees then you're just that: too giant. Sad is the world in which one cannot even trust their own employees nor remain certain that the ones they hired are nothing more than expensive furniture.

Sometimes I blog while at work, sometimes I find blog postings while at work that solve software engineering conundrums I've encountered at work, and sometimes I work a 16 hour day, or a weekend because duty calls (not to be confused with - dootie). My point is this; if hiring managers, supervisors, and co-workers are doing their job, it will be painfully and immediately obvious if someone is not pulling their metaphorical work-weight. Creating an atmosphere in which employees feel like they're an accountable and indispensable member of the corporate team is essential for career fulfillment and happiness, NOT making them feel like irresponsible, under-disciplined children who require constant monitoring just to ensure they're not taking advantage of their employer.


Posted on 2/20/2008 2:17:00 PM by sterlingt

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