Removing Orphaned Features From Content Database(s)

In an ideal world, the SharePoint pre-upgrade checker will have been run within an environment prior to shutting down the databases for an attach-upgrade scenario. And all subsequent issues (such as orphaned features) will have been addressed utilizing a tool like the SharePoint Feature Manager. However if, like myself, you reside in this beautifully imperfect world and have been provided with content databases for upgrade which are generating the following error when running the Test-SPContentDatabase command against them AND you don't have the luxury of correctly resolving the issues within the production farm - don't fret.

Initially I tried this guy's script, but I couldn't get it to run so I had to delve into the database a bit. Locate the 'Features' table within the pertinent content database and delete the row(s) who's FeatureId matches the one reported in the error.

NOTE: This is NOT the preferred and/or supported method of resolution, and should only be used when absolutely necessary. I would also suggest retaining a back-up of the database prior to making the changes.

Category : MissingFeature Error : True UpgradeBlocking : False Message : Database [Database_Name] has reference(s) to a missing feature: Id = [Feature_ID]. Remedy : The feature with Id [Feature_ID is referenced in the database [Database_Name], but is not installed on the current farm. The missing feature may cause upgrade to fail. Please install any solution which contains the feature and restart upgrade if necessary.

SQL Server

Posted on 7/3/2012 10:18:00 AM by sterlingt

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