WSS 3.0 Subsite Display Web Part

Need to display a list of 'child' site hyperlinks within a web part in WSS 3.0? Me, too - so I wrote a web part to do it. Why on earth would Microsoft leave such necessary and elementary functionality out of WSS 3.0? That's easy, to give me something (else) to do in my spare time. ;-)

Posted on 11/9/2009 12:07:00 PM by sterlingt

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Categories: SharePoint 2007 | SharePoint 2007 Features | WSS 3.0


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March 10. 2010 08:48

Greetings Tracy,
The solution looks great, but I am getting a page error when trying to download, any chance it is mirrored anywhere?


Josh us

April 8. 2010 22:07

I tried to download the files but got a configuration error from the server.

Dan se

May 5. 2010 17:02

Hi, your download links are broken, could you please tell me where to go to find that webpart you created? Thanks!


May 13. 2010 05:33

I try to download the wsp or source code file but the links are broken. Could you please check it?


June 3. 2010 03:51

Your download site is broken.


June 24. 2010 07:38

My apologies to everyone, I've fixed the download links as well as the URL over on code plex.


September 1. 2010 01:58


Thank you so much for contributing this Smile

If I leave the Top level site url blank - it only shows the Root site's subsites: I added the wp to a subsite three levels down. In the webpart config, the url config is set to blank, still show the root's subsites, not my current site's subsites, if I specify the link it show up correct...but the point was to not have to specify anything. Any ideas what I might be doing wrong?


September 15. 2010 05:43

Hi Tracy,

Thank you for sharing this. We installed the web part as per instructions on codeplex but it does not show on the web part list although the feature is activated.



July 11. 2011 23:23

Took a quick look at the code and you should probably remember to dipose all references to the SPSite and SPWeb objects.

Currently this is not done.